Veganism is a powerful expression of consumer buying power. 

To help the growth of vegan companies it makes sense to buy from them whenever possible. That’s why we’ve created a marketplace for awesome vegan products. Produced and sold by awesome vegan people.


It’s important to feel connected with the wider vegan community and not feel isolated.

We showcase upcoming vegan events like cooking classes, supper clubs and socials. Providing a place for people to buy and sell tickets. This helps make it easy to be sociable and support vegan event organizers in spreading the word.


Whether you like it or not, when you become vegan you also become an ambassador for veganism. 

People look at how healthy and happy you seem and judge the way in which you conduct yourself. This in turn will shape how receptive they are to veganism. Recognising this reality, our blog helps you think about how to be the best ambassador you can be. We do this by showcasing inspiring vegan people and their stories.