Saint Christopher is a London based rapper with lyrics that delve deep into¬†philosophy and culture, Based on his own experiences as well as extensive reading on a wide range of topics. He is a committed vegan. This is part of his carefully considered outlook on life and approach to living in line with his values. […]

We discovered¬†Margaret’s channel when researching the exponential growth of veganism and what this means for the future of veganism. Here’s a helpful video that Margaret made explaining the concept of exponential growth and what this might mean in practical terms: “Going vegan is the most powerful, simple way to vote three times a day for […]

Chronixx is a proud vegan and part of what has been dubbed the “reggae revival”. A group of predominantly vegan artists who are bringing back the popularity of reggae amongst mainstream audiences. An example of his popular music with conscious lyrics is Here Comes Trouble where he is calling for people who share his values […]