8 Vegan Gift Ideas

What do you buy a vegan for their birthday, Christmas or some other special occasion?

Buying presents for you vegan friend needn’t be a nightmare, you just need to know where to look. Here’s a few ideas to get your brain ticking over:

Massages, Pedicures and Spa Days

Treat your friend to a massage or treatment at a salon or spa which uses vegan friendly products. If this is out of your price range, why not buy some animal friendly beauty products and massage oils? Indulge in a girlie night in with a DIY pampering session. A good film, plenty of (vegan friendly) wine and snacks will always go down well, too.

For the Gym Addict

Got a friend who’s into their fitness? There are plenty of vegan protein shakes on the market, but why not satisfy their sweet cravings with a few weeks supply of protein bars. Good for you, delicious and packed full of protein. Who says healthy needs to be boring?

The Man in Your Life

Men can be notoriously difficult to buy for, let alone when they’re vegan! Unless they are in to man bags, men generally still rely on pockets to carry everything. How about a smart new wallet to keep all their cards safe?

Food (We Mean Chocolate!!)

Who doesn’t like chocolate? Or sweets or biscuits, even. Your friend may have a hard time finding high street shops which stock vegan goodies. (Unless, of course, they’re lucky enough to live in the city.) With vegan treats often being more expensive than their dairy equivalent, birthdays are the perfect time to top up their chocolate stash.

The Statement T-Shirt

Your friend is probably passionate about their cause, so what about a t-shirt which promotes it? A thoughtful gift that’s both fashionable and practical – they can wear it all Summer long!

Soaps, Scrubs and Scents

Whilst a lot of cosmetics and toiletries are either tested on animals, or made from animal related products, so many aren’t. Often homemade, from natural ingredients, treat your
friend to some indulgent bath or facial products.

A Subscription

Is there a product your friend loves or might like to try? A subscription or voucher will give them the chance to splurge on something they wouldn’t normally buy for themselves.

And for The Cake!!!!!!

Did you know that you can get vegan cakes which taste just as good as ones made from eggs and butter? The birthday girl/ boy will love you for your thoughtfulness. After all, who wants a birthday cake they can’t eat? Most guests won’t even notice the difference.

Hopefully your brain is now running wild with ideas. Remember, that just because somebody is vegan doesn’t automatically mean they will be hard to buy for. Think about what they enjoy, their hobbies and quirks. With a little imagination, you’re sure to find the perfect gift.

Happy shopping!