Best Vegan Products – 10 Favorites Chosen by a Vegan Blogger


We know — there are new vegan products hopping into the market all the time. How is anyone, especially vegan newbies, supposed to know which are the keepers?

It’s tough out there. Allow us to help narrow your search.

Raw, vegan Snickers bars by The Blended Vegan

We’ll agree with Snickers — you’re not you when you’re hungry. But a candybar chock full of saturated fat and dairy by-products isn’t going to help that. So, let’s see about the alternative — a raw vegan Snickers bar by gourmet plant-based chef, The Blended Vegan.

Rather than getting a third of your daily fat intake from a two-ounce block of processed “food,” consider getting a jolt of energy from this raw masterpiece. Covered in creamy cashew nougat, this bar will keep full and energized. It’s an easy way to get that chocolate fix in along with your fiber for the day, courtesy of some sweet medjool dates.

Vegan, gluten-free chocolate chip cookies by The Blended Vegan

There’s nothing like a good chocolate chip cookie. And the only way to make a good cookie recipe better is to veganize it, of course. The Blended Vegan did just that with her vegan chocolate chip cookies. And bonus! They’re gluten-free, too.

No baby cows harmed in the making of these cookies. They’re made with coconut oil, rather than that salty, oily mess known as butter. Instead of dairy milk, you’ll find almond.

Throw them in the microwave for a few seconds to recreate that melty, “right out of the oven” taste.

Homemade pickles by The Buff Pastry Shop

How is it that cucumbers get so much better after they’ve completed their seemingly magical transition into pickle? It’s a great question for The Buff Pastry Shop, who is offering their collection of pickle varieties just before grilling season.

We’re not being dramatic — a veggie dog is nothing without a pickle. Knowing that it was made with apple cider vinegar makes it even easier to throw a few on our plate. Apple cider vinegar is full of friendly bacteria that’s been suggested to help quell certain digestive issues.

Vegan tee by VivaLaRiva, designed by Maddie Bright

Vegans, as much as they may deny it, don’t mind flaunting a little with a sassy t-shirt. But is that so bad? Spreading the word about a lifestyle that keeps animals out of slaughterhouses scary enough to make Freddie Kreuger cringe is a good thing; so is protecting the environment and your health.

Still, that “Hail Seitan, Go Vegan” shirt might be a little much for the Tuesday potluck. VivaLaRiva’s “My Favorite Jewels Are Med-Jools” strikes a happy medium between humor and health nut.


Venice rosewood sunglasses by Woodstone

Summer is better in sepia tone. But not at the environmental cost of plastic sunglasses that, long after they’re done being used, can become a poisonous, potentially deadly meal for a sea turtle or a whale.

That’s why we suggest checking out Woodstone’s Venice rosewood shades. They’re made from real wood rather than plastic and sleek enough for a selfie photoshoot, even on a cloudy day.


Balau Wallet by Vegan Van Java

Wallets are among some of the trickiest products to grapple with as a vegan. There’s no arguing that you need one. But most any that you’ll find in stores are made of — pardon the brutal honesty — someone else’s skin. We’re guessing you don’t want something like that hanging out in your back pocket all day, holding your money.

That’s where Vegan Van Java comes in. They’ve passed on the leather and skipped to cork. Our favorite variety? The brown, but you can choose from black as well. There are even a few different cork styles to pick from.


Troy green sandalwood watch by Woodstone

Like wallets, watches are difficult to find for most vegans. Generally, you have a total of two evils to pick from: plastic and leather. Woodstone throws another, more environmentally responsible option your way — wood.

From the wristband to the face, this watch is made completely from green sandalwood. And yes, sandalwood smells great, too.


Men’s Lagos brown shoe by NAE

You’d be hard-pressed to find a pair of shoes that wasn’t made under at least a little ethical uncertainty. Portugal-based company NAE seems to have been challenging that issue by offering ecologically sound shoes. They happen to look pretty dapper, too.

The Lagos brown would make even the most stylish and densely bearded hipster green with envy. But that’s not the good part. The real win is these kicks’ sustainability.


Turmeric salve topical by The Blended Vegan

Vegans can’t seem to get enough turmeric. Some of us are looking to decalcify a hardened pineal gland. Others just want to harness the anti-inflammatory traits of the super root. But let’s be honest — turmeric isn’t exactly the tastiest thing since French fries.

The Blended Vegan’s salve gives us the option to skip the turmeric smoothie and get right to the plant’s benefits. Slather a little on any cuts or bruises to help heal without irritation or swelling.


Peppermint apricot exfoliating soap by The Blended Vegan

In the dead of winter, the last thing your skin needs is something to dry it out further. Unfortunately, that’s what many cheap soaps do. As if that weren’t enough, they’re made of synthetic chemicals so far from nature, we’re not sure if they were intended to wash your skin or simply burn off germs along with the first layer of your epidermis.

The Blended Vegan’s soaps get you squeaky clean, minus the chemical, well, surprises. Give your nasal passages a wake-up and your skin some TLC with her peppermint apricot exfoliating soap.