Saint Christopher – Rapper and Musician

Saint Christopher is a London based rapper with lyrics that delve deep into philosophy and culture, Based on his own experiences as well as extensive reading on a wide range of topics.

He is a committed vegan. This is part of his carefully considered outlook on life and approach to living in line with his values.

His unique style has been crafted over several years. However, as a true artist, he constantly adapts and changes his style to reflect his shifting influences and perspectives.

Saint Christopher achieved early notoriety performing under the name “Stubborn” and rapping about issues that were affecting him at the time such as homelessness, poverty and bereavement.

Saint Christopher plans to release more music soon as well as a project to get more people reading philosophical books which he credits with being a life changing influence, helping him navigate hard times and make positive choices.

We will be sharing more of his work when it’s released and also plan to do a full interview with the man himself in the near future.