Gourmet Protein Popcorn Duo- Assorted, Variety, Gift Set- Birthday Cake and Chocolate Cookie

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Air popped popcorn is a healthy snack… but it’s not exactly the most flavorful! Without the salt, butter, and oil, sometimes popcorn can lack the pizzazz we all once loved that made it irresistible each time we entered a movie theatre. No more though! This protein popcorn is a healthy option made without sugar or butter— the perfect healthy snack for munching on! And the best part? They’re loaded with vegan protein powder and scrumptious natural flavors… making it delicious to boot!

This gift set comes with protein popcorn (2 servings) in 2 delicious flavors (birthday cake and chocolate cookie) nestled in adorably convenient personal popcorn containers… perfect for Christmas gift-giving for the vegan, diabetic, or health-conscious person in your life! Or… you can always give the gift of health to yourself!

Ingredients: popcorn, coconut oil, cocoa powder, stevia, agar, vanilla bean, vegan protein powder, sea salt.

100% sugar free!
100% gluten free!
100% egg free!
100% nut free!


  • Stacy

    Perfect blends of sweet and savory!