Guilt free tub of fudge

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This is vegan guilt free chocolate and peanut butter fudge. It is amazing! It is not real sweet. It is dark vegan chocolate with organic peanut butter powder and sweetened with cream of coconut. Do not worry you would never know any coconut cream was in it. This is the creamest texture with undertones of peanut butter. Its like Reese fudge! Delicious. You get a 2 lb tub of fudge.


  • anairthoth

    Delicious! Its so rich you can only eat a bit at a time, even with my sweet tooth, but it is definitely worth the money. This should last me till the end of the year!

  • Sarah

    I ordered this for my wedding as our desert. The fudge was incredible and everyone loved it! No one knew it was vegan and I kept getting compliments on it! I highly recommend this fudge!

  • brhus

    Delicious fudge! Arrived quickly and safely