One Dozen “Flavors of Fall” Variety Pack: Apple Cider, Pumpkin Spice, Cranberry Chocolate

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Imagine… one dozen triple layer protein bars in a variety of decadent fall flavors, just waiting for you to devour… without eating away (get the pun?!) at all your goals! Flavors included in the flavors of fall triple layer variety pack are as follows:

4 Triple Layer Pumpkin Spice Protein Bars

4 Triple Layer Cranberry Chocolate Truffle Protein Bars

4 Triple Layer Spiced Apple Cider Protein Bars


These triple layer protein bars are all homemade in small batches, using only the cleanest and freshest ingredients. As a personal trainer and nutrition counselor, I created these protein bars to help me meet my fitness goals. I wanted a tasty treat on the go that wouldn’t derail all my hard work in the gym, but I didn’t want a glorified candy bar like the ones they sell in stores. So I was forced to create my own delicious concoctions!

These bars have plenty of protein for muscle-building power, gluten free oats for healthy carbohydrates to fuel your body, almond meal for added protein power, and NO extra junk (i.e. sugar, preservatives, artificial ingredients, dyes, etc.). Only the best for your body!

And the bonus? These protein bars aren’t dry, dense, yucky bricks. They’re soft, chewy, and moist… and *amazing* when warmed up for a quick 15 seconds in the microwave! Enjoy these warm with your morning coffee, or grab one on the go as you’re out the door!

*** Each listing is for ONE DOZEN (12) protein bars.

*** Please see each individual listing to view additional ingredients and nutrition information (all protein bars come labelled with nutrition information).

Ingredients: protein powder, gluten free oats, almond meal, pumpkin, apples, cranberries, cashews, garden-grown stevia, baking powder, sea salt, lemon juice, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, clove, and coconut oil.

100% sugar free!
100% gluten free!
100% egg free!
Contains nuts!


  • applesugar

    First and most importantly, Melissa’s responsiveness and customer service are excellent. There was a shipping issue with my first order and Melissa went above and beyond to remedy it. Wow! It was so worth a second try! These bars are absolutely delicious and satisfying. The chocolate ones are the perfect combination of sweetness and tartness. The apple bars are fresh and moist. There is no stevia aftertaste to be concerned about and the nutritional profile allows the bars to fit into almost anyone’s healthy eating plan. Two words: get these!

  • ddkenan

    Awesome and healthy! Melissa rocks!

  • Eriwath

    These are awesome. Can’t wait to try other varities/flavors, the rice crispy treats and the cookies!!!! BIG FAN HERE