Slouchy Boho Handbag

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What does your bag say about you? Are you a little bit daring? Refined and reserved? When you’re carrying your Midi Slouch, whether it’s a bold two-tone combination, or a sleek single shade, you’re not only letting the world know you have impeccable taste, you’re letting them know you have impeccable values.

This precisely proportioned hobo bag is sized for convenience. Measuring 17” wide by 12” high, the Midi Slouch is large enough to accommodate your everyday necessities, yet still petite enough to tuck neatly out of sight during your work day or an event. Its generous 2 ½” wide gusset allows for a spacious interior, while its adjustable strap ensures comfort for you at all times.
The Midi Slouch’s durable cotton interior also features an extensively sized zipper pocket, allowing for convenient access to your keys or cellphone, and a perfect place to quickly stash an earring with a disappearing back.

5% of all retail profits are donated to one of our partner animal sanctuaries, and your purchase will directly benefit one of the beautiful souls that live there.

When you choose Wire Peacock, you’re not only choosing exceptional quality and meticulous attention to detail, your choosing to change a life. <3


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