Vegan Affiliate Program

You can earn money by helping spread the word about products on Vegan Shopping Hub.

When you register on the site you are given a unique link that you can share and a page where you can track how many people you are brining to the site:


When a new customer you have brought to Vegan Shopping Hub makes a purchase you earn 10% of the order total.

For example if a customer bought this bag and these chocolates totalling $297 you would earn $29.70

You can then withdraw any money you make directly into your own Paypal account:

An advance tip, if you are featuring a specific product is to take the end part of the code you’re given and apply this to any links you share:

You can use our banners on your site. If you need any other sizes or styles get in touch and we’ll sort that out.


Get Paid To Promote Vegan Products

Get Paid to Promote Vegan Products

If you have any questions or suggestions on this topic or anything else feel free to get in touch: