10 Reasons To Buy Vegan Shoes

1. No animals are harmed

Over 1 billion animals are slaughtered for the global leather industry every year, according to PETA. If people stopped buying/ wanting leather products, these animals wouldn’t be being bred to die for their skins.

2. Yes, shoes do count!

It’s staggering how many people recoil in horror at the idea of wearing a real fur coat, yet think nothing about buying a pair of leather shoes. Just because they’re not soft, furry and feel like an animal, doesn’t mean they don’t count, guys!

3. Be a trend setter

Who likes to put all that effort into finding a new outfit, only to find someone is wearing the same as you? People often buy new shoes every season from the same shops as everybody else. Buying vegan means your shoes will be different. You can be the self-assured person who doesn’t care what anybody else thinks. Do what YOU want to do. Wear what YOU want and stand up for what YOU believe in!

4. They can be cool (yes really!)

Gone are the days when fake leather was unfashionable and you could tell a vegan from their bad choice of footwear. It’s much harder to differentiate between real and fake nowadays. With veganism becoming increasingly mainstream, you can buy all the latest trends and styles cruelty free. Even celebrities such as Emma Watson at the are starting to wear endorse the trend.

5. For the look on people’s faces when you tell them “they’re vegan”

Following on from number 4. It’s amazing how many people still don’t realize that vegan shoes can look, well, “normal.” The shocked, “but they’re really nice,” response, when someone compliments your shoes and you tell them “they’re vegan,” is always a classic.

6. Other retailers will have to take notice

The more people shun animal products and opt for cruelty free, the more the big high street names will have to take notice and listen. It’s happening in the food industry already. Virtually every coffee house now stocks at least soya and even some pizza restaurants have started to “veganise” their pizzas. If the public want vegan clothing, high street shops will be forced to provide it.

7. Factory farms are cruel

Do you really know which country your leather shoes come from? There is a strong chance they may be from China or India. Even products, “made in Italy or the USA,” may still get the raw materials from elsewhere. Indian and Chinese “factory farms” can be inhumane places and animals are often tortured. Cows may be bred purely for their skin. All the while people are willing to pay for leather, these places will continue to exist.

8. It’s not “just” cows

Did you know that in China, sheep, dogs and even cats are killed for their skin?

9. Tannery workers suffer health problems

It’s not just the animals that suffer. Turning animal skin into leather uses dangerous chemicals, including formaldehyde and coal-tar derivatives. Tannery workers often suffer from serious health problems including an increased risk of cancer.

10. Take the next step to a full vegan lifestyle.

By the fact that you are reading this, I imagine you’re at the very least considering the idea of adopting a vegan lifestyle. You may have been eating a plant based diet for some time and wish to delve in a little deeper. Maybe you’re already vegan, or just considering the idea. Most people who are transitioning start with the diet. Deciding not to use any animal products at all is usually the next step in the journey.