Margaret – Founder of ModVegan

We discovered Margaret’s channel when researching the exponential growth of veganism and what this means for the future of veganism. Here’s a helpful video that Margaret made explaining the concept of exponential growth and what this might mean in practical terms:

“Going vegan is the most powerful, simple way to vote three times a day for a kinder future.” – a quote from Margaret which sums up her positive, can-do attitude.

Margaret is Youtuber and blogger exploring a variety of topics relating to modern vegan living.

As her Youtube profile puts it: “if you’re a modern vegan looking for a positive vision of the future of veganism, you’ve come to the right place!” Margaret is interested in “animal rights, minimalism, sustainability, futurism and technology” along with a host of other things.

Her site, ModVegan, was born out of “a desire to redesign vegan living for a new era and explore how veganism can move forward.”

You can find out more about Margaret and check out her latest articles by clicking here.